Body Treatments

Our approach to skin isn't limited to your face! Come in for a body treatment for your back and shoulders, booty, thighs, underarms or even a vajacial! We even offer microdermabrasion treatments for addressing scarring, dark spots, keratosis pilaris, and more.

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Things to remember before your body treatment:

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If you are allergic to almond oil or coconut oil, or any type of essential oil or plant, please call us before booking an appointment so that we may ensure other body oil is available for use. Our products contain multiple plant oils and ingredients, so please list all allergies on your client intake form, and remind your provider of your allergy to be safe. 

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Medical Concerns

Before your appointment, we require every client to fill out an intake form. We need to know about any allergies you may have but also any and all medications you are taking, as well as any medical conditions, injuries, accidents, or other relevant medical info. This will allow us to provide the best experience for you.

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Prepare ahead of time

After your body treatment, we always recommend being gentle with your skin and avoiding the following activities for 24-48 hours: direct sun exposure, excessive heat or sweating, sauna, hot showers, and chemical heavy skincare. It is also crucial to wear sunscreen if your skin is going to be in the sun, and use the recommended skincare at home.

Client Expectations & Requirements 

 1.) All clients are expected to conduct themselves respectfully, and all services and duties from staff shall be performed professionally. Le Bijou has a zero tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment, innuendos, advancements, suggestive behavior or language, and any attempt will result in immediate police involvement along with a full price charge.

2.) Non-members are required to leave a 50% deposit which is refunded only if canceled 24 hours or more before your appointment. Please be 5 minutes early to your appointment so you aren't late, as late clients may be marked a no-show and will not receive their deposit.

3.) All clients must arrive to their appointment clean and showered for the safety and sanitation of our staff and salon.

4.) Le Bijou and our providers make no claims to heal, treat, or cure any illness. Please talk to your doctor about all medical concerns. 

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Chemical peels can be applied to face and body!

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